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Advice for Emporia Reckless Driving

If you’ve received a reckless driving ticket in the City of Emporia, Virginia, you are probably getting worried about the following legal steps. Lawyers may even be trying to scare you into hiring them. Some lawyers might claim that you’ll go to jail unless you hire them.

Don’t hire a lawyer just yet, though. Instead, you should invest some time in understanding what happens next with your reckless driving ticket.

My book will help you do that. It’s packed full of helpful information about reckless driving, and it’s available for free right here.

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What is Emporia reckless driving?

Most likely, if you’ve been charged with reckless driving, it was for speed. Other driving offenses, such as passing a stopped school bus, can also result in a reckless driving ticket. In Virginia, even just a general driving offense can result in a reckless driving charge. Chapter 1 of my book explores these different types of reckless driving in more detail.

Reckless driving is considered a class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia. For comparison, a DUI is also considered a class 1 misdemeanor. This means that Virginia treats reckless driving, like driving under the influence, as a crime. This means it’s serious, and you are right to be researching it.

What possibilities might there be in Emporia for reckless driving?

Chapter 2 talks about the different consequences of reckless driving. These penalties include anything from a fine to jail time. Judges will sometimes even send you to a driving improvement clinic or sentence you to community service. Those other options can be found in chapter 5.

Before we even get to sentences, though, the Commonwealth must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were guilty of reckless driving. You have many arguments you can use as a defense. In chapter 3, you can find arguments that’ll work, such as arguing that the incident did not occur on a roadway subject to reckless driving laws. Reckless driving laws only apply to those that occur on legal highways, and not every roadway falls under that category.

You may have also heard from friends or family about different defenses you can use. However, many these are more of myths than actual helpful defenses. You can find out which ones will not help your case in chapter 4.

What if I lose my Emporia reckless driving case?

It’s always possible that you’ll be convicted of reckless driving. That’s not the end of it for you, though. You have the right to appeal your case, with a new trial and new judge, in the Circuit Court. Chapter 7 will tell you more about how to file your appeal and the appeal process as a whole.

Do I need to hire an Emporia reckless driving lawyer?

You now have a greater knowledge of the legal procedures you’re facing with your reckless driving ticket, and this decision is up to you. You may not need an attorney, but if you do decide to hire one, it would be a good idea to ask them questions before hiring them. Chapter 8 will tell you which questions you should ask and why you should ask them.

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