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Brunswick Reckless Driving Advice

If you’ve been issued a reckless driving ticket in Brunswick, you’re probably feeling scared and confused about what will happen in court. Advertisements for lawyers are telling you all sorts of conflicting information, and they’re probably fighting over you calling them.

You don’t need to call a lawyer yet. Instead, you should take the opportunity to learn about court procedures involving reckless driving.

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What is Brunswick reckless driving?

As Chapter 1 of my book will tell you, reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia. To put this in perspective, driving under the influence and possession of marijuana are also considered class 1 misdemeanors.

Reckless driving tickets are generally issued for excessive speed. There are, however, other driving violations that can earn a reckless driving charge. Chapter 1 explains these violations, which include things such as not stopping for a school bus or any offense that falls under Virginia’s catch-all statute.

What defenses can I use in Brunswick for reckless driving?

The Commonwealth has to prove you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of what you’re accused in order to convict you, so you have plenty of opportunity to defend yourself.

As chapter 3 of my book will tell you, there are also plenty of arguments you can use in your defense. For example, you might be able to argue that you were not the actual person driving or that the police officer who pulled you over doesn’t have proper certification for his tuning forks.

However, as chapter 4 discusses, there are many defenses that will not help your case at all. Using defenses like “I was going with the flow” or “I had to use the bathroom” just won’t cut it in the courtroom.

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What possible outcomes are there in Brunswick?

Reckless driving carries many different penalties varying from a fine to jail time. Chapter 2 goes into a bit more detail about these cases. However, as chapter 5 will show you, judges can and will sometimes use driver improvement clinics or community service in traffic court.

You might want to have a free consultation with an attorney at this point, though. Local attorneys should know about the judges in Brunswick and their preferences in the courtroom. This does not mean you have to hire a lawyer, though.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your case, though, you can also appeal to the Circuit Court and get a brand new trial with a different judge. More information on the appeal process can be found in chapter 7.

Do I need to hire a Brunswick reckless driving lawyer?

Good question! And one you should ask yourself. At this point, you’ve done your research and learned about the upcoming procedures. The decision is now yours.

If you do decide to get a lawyer, though, make sure you read chapter 8 of my book. It will tell you how to choose the best attorney for your case and provide questions you should ask him or her before hiring.

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