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What is reckless driving in Virginia?

Reckless driving in Virginia is a class 1 misdemeanor crime. Yes, you’re charged with a crime that’s on the same level as DUI, carrying a concealed weapon, and assault. It’s not just a traffic ticket.

But it’s NOT an offense where you’re definitely going to jail. The punishment can include up to one year of jail, but receiving any jail time is rare. While it’s a serious offense, don’t believe scare tactics by desperate attorneys.

What defenses are available?

That’s chapter 3 of my book! You’ll learn all about the possible defenses that may work for your case. And chapter 4 covers the next critical question: what defenses don’t work?

What else is in the book?

Here’s the complete table of contents. As you can see, this isn’t a 4-page pamphlet that I’m calling a book. It’s a 78-page book that sells on Amazon, but you can download it for free right here.

Introduction 1
What is reckless driving? 2
What are the consequences? 5
What defenses are available? 13
What defenses don’t work? 21
What else can we do? 28
What will happen at court? 33
Appealing the case 45
How to pick an attorney 49
Resources 61
What’s next? 63
About Andrew 64
Appendix 65
Index 67

Areas the book can help with

Virginia’s a big state. While reckless driving charges do vary based on the local judges and prosecutors, many general principles apply. My book should give you some solid information for any Virginia reckless driving charge. For more specific information about different areas, check out these pages:

Accomack Reckless Driving

Alexandria reckless driving
Arlington County reckless driving
Brunswick County reckless driving
Charles City County reckless driving
City of Chesapeake reckless driving
Dinwiddie reckless driving
Emporia reckless driving
Fairfax County reckless driving
Fauquier County reckless driving
Gloucester County reckless driving
Greensville County reckless driving
Hopewell City reckless driving
James City reckless driving
Loudoun County reckless driving
Mecklenburg County reckless driving
Prince George County reckless driving
Prince William County reckless driving
Roanoke County reckless driving
Sussex County reckless Driving

You may NOT need a lawyer

That’s right. I’m a traffic lawyer, and I’m telling you that you might NOT need to hire a lawyer. But until you learn about the charge, defenses, and the court procedures, you won’t have a full picture of what you should do. That’s where my free book comes in.

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